What to See in Lombok, a Souvenir Shop to Visit

Holiday to Lombok without souvenir shopping is not complete. Here is one of the complete souvenir shopping locations while traveling in Lombok. What to see in Lombok to buy souvenirs?

Woven fabrics as a Lombok souvenir, it is mentioned that one of SasakSongket producing areas is Bun Mudrak Hamlet in Sukarara Village, Central Lombok. But we did not go there, but to Sade Village. Sade is one of the hamlets in the village of Rembitan, Pujut, Central Lombok. Sade village is also rich in SongketSasak. The results of weaving that can be found in this village are diverse; there are shawls, pashmina, tablecloths, clothing, gloves, long cloth, and clothes. Visiting Sade Village not only can see various handicraft products, but also can see directly the process of making the cloth. Woman craftsmen in this village are easy to find because they usually weave in the front porch of his house, among the rows of woven fabrics on display. Tourists can even try to use the tool used for weaving. Whether to just take pictures, or really want to try to use looms. The process of making a cloth was not easy and not short. Such a process that makes the price of a woven fabric is not cheap. The price of the woven crafts ranges from Rp 300 thousand to Rp 4-5 million per day. Depending on the product. If you calculate the price it feels heavy to buy, but if you see the ‘sweat’ of the buyer, melt the heart. There is a kind of sense of not having the heart if just looking around without buying. After all, buying their work is the same as helping to preserve the existence of traditional Indonesian cloth.

Food as Lombok souvenir, traveling to any area, souvenirs typical food is certainly the most popular. In Lombok, we were invited to Phoenix Food, a typical food center Lombok. All Lombok’s specialties are here. The food that was sold at Phoenix Food turned out to be very complete. The most typical food sold here is dodol seaweed, which is dodol made from genuine seaweed flour plus sugar and fruit flavor variations such as mango, jackfruit, tomatoes, sour soup, and banana. In addition to dodol seaweed, nuts are also so typical food that many so coveted tourists. The famous beans in Lombok are cashew nuts. This is not surprising because Lombok itself is one of the main producing areas of cashew nuts in Indonesia other than Southeast Sulawesi. Incidentally on the same day, before entering this Phoenix Food, the plantation area planted with cashew trees. The plantation that passed on the way to Sade Village is one of the cashew-producing areas in Lombok. From inside the speeding ELF, it can be seen that the cashew trees lining the sidewalks, stretching far away. The fruit is bushy, ripe red. Because of the thickness, the cashews are a lot of falling and lying just like that on the ground. Probably because it’s too ripe.Cashews sold in Phoenix are a lot of taste, including cashew nuts, cashew nuts, cashew nuts, honey cashew nuts, and cashew nuts. Each has its own taste, and it’s all delicious. Because the distance so far, postage is certainly not cheap. Usually in one order at once with some other foods such as dodol seaweed, chips, and terasibakar.


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